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Teya Technologies, LLC (Teya) is an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) certified Small Disadvantaged Business with strong management experience and extensive, diverse past performance.  And, due to leaner corporate rates and lower fees, we provide cost effective services.

We hope that you will give us the opportunity to prove that we are a partner you can rely on.



As an Alaska Native Village Corporation (ANC) certified Small Disadvantaged Business, Congress provided us (and all ANCs) with a unique set of rights under the SBA program. As part of these rights, the government can benefit from:

  • No dollar ceiling on set-asides or sole source contracts {13CFR124.311(b)}

  • Awards cannot be protested {13CFR124.517(a)}

  • Parent company and subsidiaries do not count towards the size of an ANC company {13CFR112(c)(2)(iii)}

  • Allows direct conversion of A-76 Commercial Activities {Section 8014, FY98 Defense Appropriations Act, PL105-262}

  • DOD Indian Incentive Subcontractor Initiatives Program allows a 5% incentive payment to Prime Contractors {FAR226-1}

Further, Alpha Contracting Process significantly reduces acquisition cycle time by replacing a serial process with a concurrent one.


Federal purchasers that want to procure from Teya using the Alpha contracting program need only do the following:

  1. Create a draft purchase order;

  2. Write a brief description of what is being procured;

  3. List "Teya Technologies, LLC" as the intended sole source awardee;

  4. List the NAICS code and Teya's CAGE Code;

  5. List the contracting activity name and contact data;

  6. List the end-user (or recipient) name and contact data;

  7. Submit all information to our SBA contact (listed below);

  8. Receive the SBA's "Letter of Approval" to issue the award; and

  9. Release the purchase order directly to Teya.


Mr. Ryan  Zachry, 
SBA Alaska District Office
420 L Street Suite 300
Anchorage, AK  99501-1971
Phone: 907.271.4850
Toll Free: 800.755.7034
Fax:  907.271.4545